Old Persian Simplifications towards Middle Persian

In the course of its development, Old Persian experienced a fast, thorough a
restructuring during the Achaemenid period. This development was so great that it
marked the beginning of the Middle era in Western Iranian languages. Similar to some
other middle IE languages like English, Western Iranian languages are analytic languages
which have lost a great part of their complexity in their transition from the Old type
to the Middle one. The present article tries to provide some examples regarding the
processes of regularization, loss of redundancy, and growth in transparency, as suggested
in sociolinguistic typology (Trudgill 2010). As such, the development of Old Persian
into Middle Persian is shown to be parallel to major developments in the ancient Iranian
society after the rise of Achaemenids.
Old Persian, regularization, redundancy, transparency, simplification, sociolinguistic typology


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