New Horizons for Use of Cellulose-Based Materials to Adsorb Pollutants from Aqueous Solutions

This article reviews recent research related to biosorption – the use of plant-derived materials to remove various pollutants from aqueous systems. Emphasis is placed on biosorption studies dealing with the removal of heavy metal ions, dyes, and spilled oil from water. Much progress already had been achieve in understanding the factors that affect adsorption capacities, rates of uptake, and possible release back into the water. It has been shown that the performance of cellulose-based sorbent materials often can be improved by physical of chemical modification of the sorbent. There is a critical need for research related to strategies for dealing with the adsorbent materials after their use. In addition to regeneration and re-use of sorbent materials, attention also needs to be paid to the incineration of contaminated sorbents, as well as the biodegradation of sorbent material after uptake of various pollutants.
واژگان کلیدی
Biosorption; Heavy metal ions; Textile dyes; Spilled oil; Water treatment

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