Geology, remote sensing and geochemistry studies of the potash deposit of Syahoo salt dome, north Bandar Abbass

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1 Asisstant Professor, Faculty of Mining Engineering, Petroleum and Geophysics, Shahrood University of Technology

2 Expert of Kan Iran Company




The Syahoo salt dome is in the north of Bandar-Abbas in Hormozgan province and structurally it is located in the geological zone of the Zagros. Hormoz Island and the east of the Zagros Mountains, which are related to the geological formations of Hormoz series, consist of many salt diapirs and are important in terms of salt and potash deposits. The stratigraphic units of the region include Hormuz series, Asmari, Razak and Mishan Formations, Pleistocene conglomerate and Quaternary sediments. In order to identify rock units and areas containing salt and iron oxide, ASTER satellite images and methods of false band composition (RGB), spectral angle mapper (SAM) and principal component analysis (PCA) were used. The results of these studies show that all three methods have worked well in highlighting iron oxide areas and areas containing salt and show a good agreement with the geological map. Meanwhile, the spectral angle mapper method has better and higher accuracy. The results of remote sensing studies show that the west and east areas of Syahoo salt dome contain a higher potential of potash mineralization. On the basis of these studies, geochemical sampling was done and more than 400 samples were chemically analyzed by XRF method. Also, in order to determine the type of potassium mineral, 17 samples were chemically analyzed by XRD method, the results show that potassium mineral was as sylvite.


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