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Current Issue: Volume 14, Issue 4 - Serial Number 56, 2023, Pages 1-170 

Institutional capacity and sustainable regional development (Case study: Bojnourd and Raz and Jorglan counties, North Khorasan province)

Pages 61-77


خداکرم ملایی; لطفعلی کوزه گر کالجی; محمد تقی رضویان; جمیله توکلی نیا

Palynological evidences to reconstruct the paleoclimate of Upper Triassic deposits, South Tabas, central Iran

Pages 111-133


Firoozeh HashemiYazdi; Freshteh Sajjadi Hezaveh; Zahra Mohammadi Manesh; Narges Sadat Mirpoor Shah Abolghasemi,

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